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Menthol Pictures

menthol pictures

by richard prince


241 Bildtitel zum Ausleihen

241 bildtitel zum ausleihen

by martin kippenberger


Various Small Fires (and Milk)

various small fires (and ...

by ed ruscha

los angeles, photography, conceptual art, usa,

A Tale of a Maiden or Two

a tale of a ...

by lawrence weiner

conceptual art,

Color Beauty

color beauty

by morgan fisher


The bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even

the bride stripped bare ...

by richard hamilton


Eleven Poems

eleven poems

by carl andre


Monochrome Painting

monochrome painting

by stephen prina

conceptual art, monochrome,

twentysix gasonline stations

twentysix gasonline stations

by ed ruscha

conceptual art,

Ordnung und Reinlichkeit

ordnung und reinlichkeit

by fischli weiss

conceptual art,

Geometric Figures & Color

geometric figures & color

by sol lewitt

color, geometric, figures, conceptual art,

thomas grünfeld
Four Basic Kinds of Lines & Colour

four basic kinds of ...

by sol lewitt

color, conceptual art, lines,

Sand in der Vaseline

sand in der vaseline

by martin kippenberger

junge wilde, german,

Brown and green and other Parables

brown and green and ...

by john baldessari

conceptual art,

Roni Horn

roni horn

by roni horn


Brutus Killed Caesar

brutus killed caesar

by john baldessari

los angeles, conceptual art, usa,

Wer diesen Katalog nicht gut findet muß sofort zum Arzt

wer diesen katalog nicht ...

by martin kippenberger


Un Coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard

un coup de dés ...

by marcel broodthaers

writing, poetry, text,

Angola to Vietnam
The Telephone Book
Throwing a Ball  Once to Get Three Melodies and Fifteen Chords

throwing a ball once ...

by john baldessari

conceptual art,